January 31, 2024

What’s New in Runme v2.2

We understand that every interaction with interactive runbooks is a unique journey. Running cells in the runbooks out of sequence or re-running a few of them multiple times is not unusual. With that in mind, we've now added a counter right next to cells to display in what order a cell was run. Simple yet powerful as shown in the following video:

A simple counter that makes it obvious in what sequence cells ran

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A more detailed breakdown of what fixes and features made it into Runme v2.2 release is available in the changelog or read the docs to learn more.

What is Runme?

First time you hear about Runme? Check out this video to learn how Runme takes your infra and cloud documentation to the next level.

But, there's more...

Runme v3.0 - A Sneak Preview

Runme v3 is just around the corner. We're working on putting the final touches on the User Experience before shipping it soon. Watch the video below to learn about v3's signature feature, Session Outputs. For the first time since Runme's inception Session Outputs will allow to capture cell outputs inside a full copy of the original markdown file, which won't just contain the input cells but results produced during a notebook session.

Available in the upcoming Runme v3.0 release

The original markdown file used to load the Runme notebook will be left intact and thus generic for easy sharing with your team inside, e.g., a git repository. Stay tuned for Runme v3's release blog post soon.

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Join the Community

As always, please consider joining our Discord server or file a ticket on GitHub with any questions or ideas you might have. We’re excited to get Runme v3.0 out the door. If you haven't already, please give Runme a spin using the Getting Started guide.

Thank you!