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I tried your extension after seeing this post and it's a great tool so I'll give you a 5 star rating on VS Code marketplace! I hope you a successful continuation for this clever and useful project.

Vincent Amstoutz

This is actually insanely cool.


Damn, this'll be a godsend for all those Docker commands.


This is super exciting! I often find myself wishing that I could use Jupyter Notebooks in other contexts... RUNME is an ideal solution here, and brings us back towards literate computing for broader devops.

Mike Lockhart

How Runme works

Everything a markdown file can do and way more. No changes required.
Run button

Click to run commands

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Click to copy commands

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Rich notebook interactivity

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Stateful environment variables

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Baseline shell compatibility

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Cloud native notebooks


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The open source homescreen for VS Code.


Thoughts and coding resources for builders.

15 Hidden Tips And Tricks of VS Code That You Should Know

15 Hidden Tips And Tricks of VS Code That You Should Know

March 7, 2023

In this blog post, we'll explore 15 hidden tips and tricks of VS Code that you might not know about. Check them out!

Lizz Parody

Lizz Parody

How Runme Makes Project Documentation Interactive and Accessible

How Runme Makes Project Documentation Interactive and Accessible

March 2, 2023

The Stateful team has collaborated with the WebdriverIO project to help improve their documentation by making the examples more interactive and accessible using Runme.

Christian Bromann

Christian Bromann

Runnable Tutorial Straight From Your Blog Post

Runnable Tutorial Straight From Your Blog Post

February 15, 2023

As a developer, you may often find yourself writing and reading technical blog posts, GitHub project READMEs, Stack Overflow answers and Developer documentation. Have you ever wished you could click a link on any of them to launch and run the commands in VS Code? Check this out!

Lizz Parody

Lizz Parody

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Execute commands directly from a README.
💡 The only @code home screen extension that helps you to stay organized with minimal context switches.
JavaScript state synchronization and event handling for worker threads, web workers, iframes, VS Code Webviews etc.
Showcase of how to employ best practices to provide a high-fidelity user experience inside of VS Code extensions.

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