Sebastian Tiedtke
Sebastian Tiedtke
December 16, 2020

Todos in your IDE with rhyme & reason


Users have been enthusiastic about the Marquee feature for quickly jotting down todos while hunkered down over code. With a myriad of repos open, the ability to switch back and forth between workspace and global modes has proven enormously helpful in bringing order to todo list chaos.

Workspace vs global scope in Marquee

Don't have Marquee?πŸ’ Install it here

🀢 The reason behind the rhyme

With a mounting list of todos, it can be difficult to keep track of where they originated from. This is why Marquee will now allow you to effortlessly jump to the file and line where the todo was initially created. Of course, this only works when todos were created from inside the text editor. Irrespective of whether todos rhyme or not (hehe).

Jump to origin from todo item

πŸ™† Ever growing lists

You don't have to wait another season for an annual todo spring clean. Marquee comes with a handy context menu that enables quick editing and pruning of your lists without losing your coding context. This functionality is available both in the tree view and the dashboard widget.

Powerful context menus in Marquee

πŸŽ„ What's more

Snippets and notes will now offer very similar context menus. The linkage to the origin file and line is not just limited to todos, but are available for snippets as well. Amongst these new goodies, we've tuned Marquee's look & feel and polished a few rough edges. Make sure you upgrade Marquee to v1.2.0 (or install here) to enjoy all the goodness 🍭. Don't be shy to let us know what you think via Intercom inside the Marquee dashboard or our website.

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