June 10, 2020

Hello world, Marquee

On June 8th 2020 after months of heads-down work, we were excited to release Marquee 1.0 🚀 to the Visual Studio Code Marketplace. Devs installed it, launched it, and gave us great feedback - thank you 🤩!

Why did we build this? Marquee in its current form, is the first iteration of a app platform we strive to make the default home screen for @code you didn't 💡 realize you needed. Right out the gate we've launched simple widgets, like todo's and popular news feeds, your local weather forecast - however, there is much more to come! In fact, since we value your early feedback, we were careful to not over-engineer 👩‍🔬 widgets to get this powerful app platform in front of you quickly. Before building out a 🎡 myrid of widgets, our current focus is on tight integration into VS Code with maximum workflow support empowering you in your day-to-day without getting into the way 🦾.

We strongly believe integrating with the worlds most popular 😹 IDE to provide easily accessible productivity tools, and entertainment is something that should be available at developer's finger tips in their natural 🛁 (integrated development) environment. We didn't just want to use Marquee in our own day-to-day at our company, activecove but instead make it available to the world 🌎.

So what now? Go install Marquee of course, and if you do, give us feedback 📣 please! Quick & easy feedback delivery is integrated into the interface. We're looking forward to hear about your Marquee low and high-lights. Also, once you start living the Marquee life - keep an eye on the tricks in the welcome widget, where we regularly drop useful information & tips for getting the most 💛 out of your personalized Marquee experience.

Stay tuned for Marquee's v1.1 release 🚀 in early July 2020. We will be primarily focusing on deeper IDE integration to seamlessly support your daily development workflow.

Stay tuned, and thanks ❤️ for reading! Follow us on twitter: Marquee by activecove