February 16, 2021

Building analytics for developers

We know from years of building software 🏗️, that being, and staying productive over a long period of time is very difficult. Some days I am on fire, pushing code and feeling good about it, and others I stare at the screen, tired, frustrated and unhappy. If I could see my working habits in data, could this be avoided? Are there changes I could make to spend more time, focused, happy and satisfied while coding?

ActiveCove Cover

How much of my coding time is focused and uninterrupted ? How often am I switching contexts, or re-writing a function before it's commit worthy? I want real data about my working hours, and where I'm spinning my wheels in the codebase so I can address the problem. I want to know about the tools and patterns my peers are using and how proficient I am working with different technologies (so I can make goals and plan my personal development). And lastly, I want to know if I’m taking the necessary breaks from the screen to avoid damaging my body over time.

To answer these questions, we're building ActiveCove Analytics - to provide developers with rich, real-time coding metrics, by hooking into VS Code and delivering easily digestible visualizations that reveal how you really code.

There’s a number of ways we think we can be helpful, and we’re building it as quickly as we can — but we really need your help. What do you want to see? What do you care about?

Help us shape ActiveCove Analytics and get in touch.

Keep jamming!