Collaboration for DevOps

Launch Markdowns from Github as runnable DevOps Notebooks and save your session to the Stateful platform.

Runnable eng docs stored in Git
Engineering docs written in Markdown, made configurable, testable and runnable. Cloud-native integrated (cloud consoles, containerization, pipelines and more). All the benefits of your GitOps and no proprietary lock-in.
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Locate and launch across codebases
We make it easy to quickly locate any Notebook from across your Github organization. One `click` to open VS Code, clone the repo, launch the Notebook and start running.
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Discovery of the commands you need
Find the commands you need by describing the work you're trying to do. Quickly preview, launch and run the Notebook stored as Markdown in Git.
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Learn from your history
As you navigate and run Notebooks, the commands, metadata, outputs and history are automatically encrypted and saved to Stateful. Search your history, diff to see what changed, share, and troubleshoot your process.
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Share and collaborate safely as a team
Full-featured IAM, with roles and the ability to configure permissions and data sensitivity for individuals, groups and the organization.

Easily escalate or share full Notebooks and commands on Slack, to troubleshoot and discuss as a team.
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Backstage ready
The Stateful plugin for Backstage makes it possible to view your activity feed, search and easily launch project docs directly into a runnable notebook.
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Stay in the loop
Catch up on team DevOps activities at a glance in the activity overview.

One `click` to request the details you need for an outage investigation.
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Hardened for the workplace

Secure and integrated with your IAM tools.

Reduced Bus Factor

Distribute the load of operational excellence with a robust knowledge base. Lower training costs with testable and discoverable workflows.

Team and Notebook Management

Streamlined for robust user and group management and integrated with key enterprise tools like a SIEM. Permissioning for sensitive workflows to avoid costly accidents.

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